Scholar Patrol

7.5 Traffic Authority

The traffic authority, in conjunction with the relevant school and the local branch of road safety, decides on the establishment of scholar patrols. This also includes the positioning of pedestrian crossings other than those at traffic lights. The duties of the traffic authority are as follows:

  • completion of section C of the SP1 and and section D of the SP3 (volunteer) form registration form and forwarding of the form to the province;
  • recommendation that a scholar patrol be instituted where justified, and submission of the application to the province;
  • assistance with the training of teams and adult supervisors/volunteers;
  • regular inspection to ensure that the patrols function correctly and that all regulations pertaining to the Road Traffic Act are complied with;
  • supplying of the necessary pre-warning signs and ensuring that these are used correctly and meet all the requirements of the Road Traffic Act;
  • indication of the places where temporary pre-warning signs have to be placed should these be used;
  • ensuring that the crossings are marked properly and in accordance with prescriptions;
  • recommendation that curb stones be placed or that safety zones be erected / marked at each crossing;
  • assistance with the delivery of the required equipment as supplied by the province to the schools;
  • handling of all representations or complaints with regard to the implementation and functioning of scholar patrols before they are referred to the province;
  • reporting to the province on any collision in which scholar patrol members might be involved whilst they were on duty;
  • ensuring that vehicles are not parked in such a way that they impede visibility and endanger members of the scholar patrol;
  • resumption of traffic control when the traffic becomes so dense that it becomes dangerous for the scholar patrols to operate.