Scholar Patrol

7.6 The Province (Local Road Safety component)

The duties of the province with regard to scholar patrols involves the following :

  • determining the need for a scholar patrol applied for in conjunction with the traffic authority;
  • registration of the school and crossing(s);
  • ensuring that the application form (SP1)  and (SP3) has been correctly completed by all the relevant parties;
  • distributing copies of the registration of the school and crossing(s) to the school and the traffic authority;
  • dealing with all queries or requests from schools and authorities;
  • training of traffic officers and/or educators;
  • supplying of all scholar patrol equipment to the relevant schools and new patrols through the traffic authority;
  • regular inspection of all schools and crossings to determine whether scholar patrols are operating in accordance with regulations;
  • maintenance of up-to-date records of all registered schools and crossings.


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