Summoning Assistance after a Road Crash

Summoning Assistance 

The course of action following an accident is dictated by circumstances. While it is important to ensure that other road-users are not endangered, it may be necessary to first staunch bleeding, or to remove someone from a vehicle that is on fire. If possible, a red reflective triangle or a flashing torch should be set up in the road at an appropriate distance behind and in front of the site of the accident - even in daylight - and the hazard warning lights of the vehicles involved should be switched on.

AMBULANCE Call an ambulance if anyone has been injured - or appears to be injured - or if anyone seems to be suffering from shock. The quickest way to call an ambulance is to telephone the South African Ambulance Call Centre at 10177 or to ask a passing motorist to do this for you.

POLICE The police do not have to be called to the scene of an accident unless someone has been killed or injured, or if a state vehicle has been involved in the accident. In most accidents, however, it is advisable to have an independent police record of what happened. The police do not have to be present or take measurements and prepare a diagram. Usually, they will do so only if they suspect an offence may have been committed. A civil case for damages against the other driver will be more likely to succeed if it is supported by police records.

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