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Even if you drank, smoked, doped and womanized your youth away, there's still time to whip your body into shape and enjoy years of healthy riding Don't Slouch You'll injure the ligaments in your back and eventually the disks themselves. When that happens, you won't ride motorcycles anymore.

39. Preserve Your Hearing - Highway cruising will damage your ears unless you have a full fairing or ride with a full-face helmet and earplugs. Consider accessories which seal off turbulence entering the bottom of your helmet.
40. Do an "Arm Check" - Tension makes your arms stiffen and rise, degrading your steering and throttle control. Keep wrists down and let elbows fall naturally to your sides.
41. Avoid Fatty Foods - Fat molecules attach themselves to your red blood cells and deprive your brain of oxygen.
42. Avoid Caffeine - When you're tired, try exercising to stimulate blood circulation. If that doesn't work, you need rest.
43. Pack a First-Aid Kit.
44. Take a First-Aid Course - Phone your local Red Cross chapter.
45. Stretch Frequently - Get a good book on yoga. Consider buying an inversion bar.
46. Push Your Bike - If you catch a chill, this is a great way to elevate your body temperature. But don't allow your self to become sweaty in cold weather.
47. Listen to Your Body - Not only can fatigue cause accidents, but riding with pain can cause permanent damage, such as back injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Shivering is the first stage of hypothermia.
48. Windproof Yourself - Buy a good quality riding suit, but in a pinch you can throw on your rainsuit and even duct tape any gaps which allow heat to escape.
[These tips are the brainchild of Mr Lawrence Grodosky and was originally published in the Feb 1996 issue of Rider Magazine]
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