26 Apr 2017 | Road Safety in the Media
On Wednesday evening Netcare 911 paramedics responded to a collision on the M4 North near La Lucia. Reports from the scene indicate that a thirty-six-year-old man was trying to cross the roadway when he was hit by a bakkie. Exact detail to the cause and preceding events however will form part of the
26 Apr 2017 | From Arrive Alive
At approximately 12:50 the Marshall Security Emergency Contact Centre received an urgent call for assistance from a homeowner in Addison Drive in the suburb of La Lucia, north of Durban, stating that a robbery had occurred.   Armed reaction officers were immediately dispatched and on further
26 Apr 2017 | From Arrive Alive
Western Cape: Two suspects, aged 22 and 25 years, were arrested soon after a case of vehicle hijacking was reported at SAPS Kabega Park late last night. At about 23:30, SAPS Kabega Park members arrested two suspects on the N2 near Cotswold. The vehicle and suspect’s cell phone were recovered.
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Crime as a Threat to Road Safety in South Africa
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Safety of workers and flagmen in areas of road construction
Workers in areas of road construction are worthy of protection. On the Arrive Alive website, we find information on safe...
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