Car crashes into pole, leaving two dead and three injured on the N12 in Johannesburg South.
16 May 2022 | From Arrive Alive
Last night, two people were killed and three injured when a light motor vehicle crashed into a light pole on the N12 in Johannesburg South. ER24 and the City of Johannesburg EMS arrived at 19h00 to find a light motor vehicle smashed against a light pole. On closer inspection, medics found a man
Two-car collision leave man critically injured on Sheffield Road in Lenasia South.
16 May 2022 | From Arrive Alive
Last night, a man was left critically injured when two light motor vehicles collided on Sheffield Road in Lenasia South. ER24 arrived at 20h30 to find CERT and other services already in attendance. One vehicle was found on its roof, while another was parked on the side of the road. On closer inspection,
Fuel price shocks ahead
16 May 2022 | From Arrive Alive
Current unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) is pointing to massive fuel price increases across the board for June. The Automobile Association (AA) says consumers could face further pressure because the government’s earlier relief of reducing the General Fuel Levy (GFL) ends in May,
Road Safety and Preventing Smash-and-Grab
Introduction and Definition Crime and criminal activity require from South African motorists alertness and caution to...
Road Safety Tips 24/7
The Arrive Alive Road Safety website would like to share Road Safety Suggestions not only for the Festive Season and Easter...
Towing Of Vehicles and National Road Traffic Act
Towing of Vehicles and the National Road Traffic Act The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and the...
Vehicle Suspension and Safety on the Road
Introduction Driving skills like parking, cornering, and overtaking rely heavily on one’s ability to steer in a...
Motorcycle Safety and Wearing a Safe Helmet
In the Development of the Arrive Alive, we have always emphasized that a thoughtful driver/rider is a safer driver/ rider. We...
Fleet Management  / Logistics and Road Safety
Background Information Fleet management is a term used to describe the management of any/all aspects relating to a company’s...
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