25 Sep 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
Sixty one people have been injured after a bus travelling from Pietermaritzburg lost control and overturned on the R603 near Umbumbulu SAPS around 16:30 on Sunday afternoon. Rescue Care Paramedics arrived on the scene with other emergency services and found chaos. A fully laden bus had left the roadway
25 Sep 2016 | From Arrive Alive
An ER24 medic was stabbed and assaulted on Saturday evening when they stopped at a motor vehicle to render assistance. Shortly after 6pm on Saturday evening, paramedics from ER24 came across a motor vehicle collision on Ohrtmann Road in Pietermaritzburg. They were on their way to a nearby hospital
25 Sep 2016 | From Arrive Alive
On Monday afternoon at 16h55  Netcare 911 paramedics responded to a bus that overturned on the R603 in Umbumbulu, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Exact detail to the cause of the crash and preceding events will remain a subject for the South African Police investigation. Paramedics arrived at the scene and found
Road Legislation and using your phone when driving
Distracted driving has become a major cause of road crashes. On the Arrive Alive website we share information on safe driving...
Equip Yourself for a Roadside Emergency
A prudent motorist should always be equipped to cope with the unfortunate breakdown or road crash Ideally, you should...
2007 Accra Declaration on Road Safety in Africa
2007 Accra Declaration on Road Safety in Africa Ministerial Round Table was held at the African Road Safety Conference Accra,...
LLumar Window Film and Road Safety
LLumar is the world’s no. 1 window film with a variety of attributes of which safety is top of the list. LLumar...
Drinking After An Accident
It is an offence for any driver who is involved in an accident to drink alcohol or take a narcotic drug, except when these...
Shatterprufe and Road Safety
In South Africa, most locally manufactured vehicles are fitted with an OE windscreen.  Legislation also states that...
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