24 Sep 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
One person has sustained minor injuries after a vehicle crashed into at least six vehicles on Barkley road in Kimberley. The exact detail to the cause of the accident will remain a subject for police investigation and comment. Netcare911 paramedics treated one person for minor injuries before transporting
24 Sep 2016 | From Arrive Alive
ER24 paramedics as well as other services attended to an incident involving a vehicle that burst into flames on the N12 near the Comaro offamp earlier this evening. Upon arrival at the scene paramedics found the vehicle well alight.   ER24 treated and transported one patient, a female,
24 Sep 2016 | Road Safety in the Media
A youngster estimated to be in his late teens, early 20's was knocked over and killed this evening on the M13 west bound in Pinetown. ER24 paramedics as well as Vema paramedics arrived on scene and found that the youngster had been knocked over by a taxi. He was lying on the road. Upon assessment
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